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Additional mortgage borrowing

Everyone needs a bit of financial flexibility now and again but if you have an existing Woolwich mortgage you may not need to look any further for some extra cash. There are a number of options available for borrowing against the equity in your home or against your existing mortgage, so be clear about why you need to borrow the money, and how much additional money you can afford to borrow. Work this out with our budget planner
Additional Borrowing Options
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Further advance
If you are an existing Woolwich mortgage customer and the value of your home has increased, you may be able to tap into this equity and access extra funds. You can use the money for almost anything from improving your home to buying a car.
Repayments can be made either over the full life of the mortgage or a shorter term. Consider a further advance if you wish to borrow a lump sum with structured repayments. Please note, you will need to choose a new rate from our current range, for your further advance.

To find out more about a further advance or to discuss additional borrowing options available to Offset customers please call us on 0800 316 5500*. An administration fee is payable when you take out a further advance.

Alternatively if you're not a Woolwich customer and want to refinance please visit our remortgage section.
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Offset Customers
Please call into a branch or phone us for details of how customers with an Offset mortgage can borrow additional money.

Homeowner loan

Arranged by Freedom Finance

If you're a homeowner and want to consolidate your debts or fund home improvements, you could secure a loan against your property with a Homeowner loan, arranged by Freedom Finance.

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