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Remortgage deals for existing Woolwich customers

If you're looking to make changes to your mortgage we'd like to help. We want you to keep your mortgage with us so we offer products aimed at meeting your borrowing needs. And, let's not forget, you could avoid the administrative hassle that comes with switching to another provider. Please be aware that, for some products, a rate switch fee may apply.
Your options at a glance
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Current mortgage deal ending
Coming to the end of a fixed or discounted rate? We want you to have the mortgage that suits you best. So we'll do all we can to help you remortgage. Take a look at our latest mortgage rates. A rate switch fee may apply.
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Looking for a new rate
Explore our range of fixed, tracker and offset mortgages to find one that could suit you.

See our latest deals or give us a call on 0333 202 7578*.
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Additional borrowing
Everyone needs some financial flexibility every now and again. If you have a flexible mortgage you can apply for additional borrowing, and harness the value of your home to do virtually whatever you want. Find out more about additional borrowing.
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Help with your current mortgage
Whatever you need, whether you are moving home, want a new rate, second mortgage or just need to know your latest balance we are here to help. Call us on 0800 022 4022*.

If you have a tracker or offset mortgage and want to know about changes in your monthly payments as a result of Bank of England base rate changes you can find more in our FAQs.
In a fast-paced world, your mortgage needs change. The wide range of fixed, tracker and offset mortgages we offer provide you with the flexibility to choose one that suits your needs. Alternatively, release some equity by considering additional borrowing.

Fixed rate mortgages

Choose a fixed mortgage period that suits you, from two, five and ten years.

More about fixed rate mortgages>>

Tracker mortgages

If you want a mortgage that moves in line with Barclays Bank Base Rate, then choose one of our tracker mortgages.
More about tracker mortgages>>

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