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Mortgage Loan

Finding a suitable mortgage loan has never been easier than with Woolwich Mortgages. That's because at Woolwich, we specialise in mortgage loans that could suit your needs. Browse through all our current mortgage loans online, or contact a mortgage loan specialist on 0800 316 5500* today to discuss your mortgage loan options in detail.

Types of Mortgage Loans at Woolwich Mortgages

Woolwich offers a range of mortgage loans to suit different borrowing needs. Pick from:

Fixed Rate Mortgage : a mortgage loan that lets you plan ahead. Your loan interest rate is fixed, enabling you to manage your finances with self-assurance.

Tracker Mortgage : a mortgage loan with an interest rate that moves in line with Barclays Bank Base rate.

First Time Buyer Mortgage: a mortgage loan designed specifically for the first time buyer, with a fixed loan rate for easier budgeting.

Buy To Let Mortgage: a mortgage loan for those interested in owning investment property. This allows you to choose from fixed mortgage loan products.

Find these mortgage loans - and more - at Woolwich Mortgages today.

Choosing the right mortgage loan for you

With all the mortgage loan products currently on the loan market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. At Woolwich, our qualified mortgage loan specialists could help you decide on a mortgage loan based on your personal and borrowing circumstances. Contact us today for a mortgage loan that could be right for you.

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